3 Important Things NOT to Do as a Teacher

Being a teacher rarely seems to bring enough credit. For those who are around children, molding and forming their lives each and every day, it seems that many of the times we hear about educators is in the case of unfortunately bad situations. However, there are many teachers out there who work tirelessly to provide the future of this world with an education and experience in their classroom that is conducive for learning, but also safe from all of the outside problems in the world as well. In order to remain a positive influence on the children in the classroom, there are certain things a teacher should never do. Following is a discussion of some important things not to do as a teacher, to keep yourself and your children safe, motivated, and actively learning in your classroom.

Behavior in Public

For many jobs, it doesn’t matter what you do outside of work. And in some regards, it’s a bit unfair that teachers have to be much more careful. But the fact of the matter is that teachers are held to a higher standard than typical professions. Students can expect to see business professionals, police officers, those in the service industry, or any other job having a good time and even having a drink or two at the bar. But the truth is that students view their teachers differently than any of these other professions, so teachers must be consciously considering their behavior while out in the community.

Furthermore, the internet and technology have made it much too easy to expose many once private things about a teacher’s life. If you are a teacher trying to relive your days as a student, inside or outside the classroom, it happens too often that it’ll be caught with a photo or a video and be displayed for the whole world to see. You can find more information on teachers and social media here.

Think twice about your actions and what you do before you do it as a teacher. If you aren’t ready for the responsibility of being a role model to children, you probably should choose a different career path.

 A Little About Student Respect

What-Not-To-Do-As-A-TeacherPart of being a teacher means that you remain calm and collected in your classroom. You have to remember that as much as you interact with the student, you still have little impact on their home environment or how they were raised.

That said, students can be mouthy, disrespectful and even class clowns. These behaviors can be difficult to deal with. Under no circumstance should a teacher ever humiliate a student. If they talk back to you, handle it after class. If they don’t answer a question correctly, respectfully explain their mistake. There are many ways to go about working with students that have issues in the classroom. But the thing to keep in the forefront of a teacher’s mind is that while you cannot control how they are acting, you can control the lessons they are taught, how you respond to their behavior and how they may act in the future.

Lifelong Learning

Just because you’re a teacher, doesn’t mean you have stopped learning. You should be learning just as much from your students about their lives and how students interact, as they do from you when it comes to the subject you teach.

Furthermore, never give up on a student. Even the most lost of all students can still be found with a bit of special attention and effort. Keep in mind that if their teacher gives up on them, who can they ever expect to believe in them?

And lastly, don’t stop educating yourself in your field. Push yourself to learn better and more innovative ways to teach your students and get/hold their attention. In the long run it’ll make you a memorable educator that students will remember for the remainder of their lives.