Masters in Adult Education

Masters in Adult EducationA Masters in Adult Education is intended for students who desire to teach adult learners from a wide variety of backgrounds. They help these learners develop new skills while drawing from their current knowledge. Students enrolled in Masters in Adult Education programs learn the theoretical and philosophical foundations of teaching adult learners. They learn concepts in many different learning styles and instruction formats and ways to manage classrooms and plan lessons. Also, students learn to assist adult learners in developing professional skills or learning tasks specific to future careers. Examples of courses include adult education strategies, adult education curriculum design, adult program assessment, and instructional methods for adult learners.

Many Masters in Adult Education programs require a thesis or research project and some have internship components to allow students to gain real-world experience in classroom settings. A Masters in Adult Education degree helps students gain skills in critical thinking, leadership, and management. Some programs allow students to select a specialty, like vocational education, adult literacy, administration, or English as a second language. Graduates of a Masters in Adult Education have a competitive advantage in the educational field. They are able to pursue career opportunities in a variety of areas and a lot of employers prefer candidates with graduate education.

How To Find The Top Masters in Adult Education Programs

To find the best Masters in Adult Education degree programs, it is important to look at certain criteria. The most essential factor is if a school is accredited. Accreditation ensures that the school went through thorough evaluation and is credited to offer high quality degree programs in various areas. The ranking of a college or university is also important and many organizations, such as the U.S. News and World Report, provide rankings based on many different characteristics. Additional features that are helpful in choosing top schools include the costs of tuition and fees, financial aid programs, educational resources, student life, and variety of course options.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis and Ball State University offer top Masters in Adult Education degree programs. The University of Missouri-St. Louis strives to prepare students for diverse adult education settings and the program focuses on the practice of adult learning principles to help adult learners participate in tasks that relate to work settings and interest areas. The program requires core courses, a research course, elective courses, and an exit course. Ball State University’s program focuses on both adult and community education and it is committed to helping students foster lifelong learning. It requires core courses and either a research course or thesis. Also, Colorado State University offers one of the best online Masters in Adult Education degree programs.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Adult Education Degrees

Those who complete a Masters in Adult Education degree have the ability to pursue various job options in adult learning settings. Adult literacy and remedial education teachers, community college instructors, and career counselors are examples of Masters in Adult Education careers. Adult literacy and remedial education teachers provide instruction on basic academic and language skills to diverse learners. They assist students in developing the knowledge and skills needed for employment or further education. They commonly teach high school completion classes, adult basic education, and English as a second language. Community college instructors provide instruction on a specific college-level subject to a variety of adult learners pursuing certificates or one or two-year degrees. Career counselors help individuals identify jobs that are a right fit and assist with searching for positions.

Masters in Adult Education salaries will depend on location, employer, experience, benefits, and other factors. The median yearly salary for adult literacy and remedial education teachers is around $46,500 and career counselors earn approximately $53,000. A Masters in Adult Education is a great choice for individuals who want to teach a variety of subjects to adult learners in many different settings.