3 Great Jobs for Teachers Outside Education

jobs-for-teachers-outside-educationThe knowledge and skills a future teacher gains while pursuing a degree in teaching are, of course, invaluable for helping to shape the futures of children and teens from the first day of preschool to high school graduation. Teaching is a rewarding career, but there are times when an educator might decide to get out of a school building classroom. There are plenty of great jobs available for teachers outside of education for a career change. Three great jobs outside of education for teachers include publishing, administration, and corporate training.

Publishing and Writing

The skill set that teachers have creates amazing opportunities for getting started in the publishing industry. From writing tests for assessment companies to writing textbooks for publishing companies like Scholastic or McGraw-Hill, the expertise teachers have in specific fields and in education make them ideal candidates for writing for publishers and testing companies. State governments, too, hire for writing standardized test questions, and this is a rewarding and challenging option for teachers who are leaving the classroom.

Other opportunities in the publishing industry are also well-suited for candidates who are trained as teaching professionals. Editing and proofreading are two particular skills that teachers utilize in the classroom, and these skills are in high demand at a variety of companies, particularly in the writing and publishing industry.


When working within education, administration means the principals and superintendents of a school district, and former teachers are solid candidates for these types of positions. But, positions in administration exist outside of a school district as well.

Teachers are skilled in providing assessment, evaluating progress, developing strategic plans, and writing proposals. All of these skills, and more, give teachers the skills they need for working in administration in non-profit organizations, government agencies, and environmental groups.

Corporate Training

Teachers spend a lot of time learning how to motivate students and putting that into practice in a classroom. They guide students through subject material and develop lesson plans to best present material. They are public speakers, and they use a variety of presentation techniques to convey ideas to their audience. These skills transfer well into the corporate training field, and companies from IBM and Microsoft to General Motors recognize the value of teaching skills in corporate trainers, opening up these opportunities to candidates with a teaching background.

Making a Career Change

In some cases, teachers may not be able to find a position inside a classroom. Or, a teacher might retire or decide it is time to pursue another career. There are a lot of great jobs available for teachers who are making a change.

In addition to teaching skills, the specializations teachers have in a particular subject area are often helpful for getting started in a new career. Special education endorsements can open up doors in non-profit agencies, and a degree in English can create opportunities in publishing. Math teachers could find a position in accounting, and computer instructors could find work for consulting firms.

For more ideas on what positions outside of education are available for teachers, review “A Kaleidoscope of Alternative Career Choices for Teachers” at http://www.csuohio.edu/offices/career/strategies/What%20Can%20I%20Do%20if%20I%20Can’t%20Find%20a%20Teaching%20Job.pdf.