What Administration Positions Are Available with a Master’s in Education?

School AdministrationIf you’ve been teaching for a few years and want to pursue graduate studies, you may wish to investigate administration positions available with a Master’s in Education. Keep in mind that in order to compete for jobs in administration, you will need to pursue a master’s degree with a specialization in administration. Here’s a look at some of the jobs you could consider once you’ve completed your master’s program.

Elementary School Principal

If you love kids and want to work in administration, a job as an elementary school principal might be the right position for you. You need to have a minimum of five years of classroom experience teaching grade school children in order to qualify for this position. With a Master’s in Education Administration, you will be qualified to become a principal in most public and private elementary schools.

Middle School Principal

If managing the curriculum, daily activities and teachers of budding youngsters is your passion, you might enjoy working as a middle school principal. As with positions in elementary schools, you will need to have at least five years of classroom experience in addition to your master’s degree in order to land this particular position. Middle school administrators with master’s degrees work in both public and private school settings.

High School Principal

High school students are in their final years of preparation either for college or for starting out on a career path. Many high school principals have master’s degrees in administration while others have pursued related doctoral studies. Like any other position in school administration, high school principals are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the classroom. Individuals with master’s degrees in education are often hired as high school principals for either public or private institutions. Preparatory schools may require a doctorate for positions in administration.

Responsibilities of School Administrators

Unlike most teachers, school principals generally work at the school or in administrative offices years round. Their responsibilities include all the details that help a school run efficiently. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a principal is responsible for:

  • Choosing and implementing curricula and programs
  • Hiring teachers
  • Evaluating teachers
  • Assisting with student discipline
  • Reviewing and implementing policies and procedures
  • Setting schedules
  • Maintaining parent and community relations
  • Creating and maintaining a positive learning and working environment

In order to be a successful school administrator, you need to be passionate about learning and education. You need to enjoy working with students, and you should be devoted to enabling teachers to do their best in educating those students.

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Educating young people is an investment in the future. Many people are devoted to education as educators. A few talented individuals are called to lead these educators as administrators of schools. If you teach and want to be in a position to make even more of a difference in the lives of young people, school administration might be the right career path for you. There are plenty of administration positions available with a Master’s in Education.