Do I have to Have Teaching experience to get my Masters in Education?

Thinking about going back to school and wondering if teaching experience is needed for a Masters in Education or EDUCATION MBA? The answer varies by school program and your own personal career goals. There are so many career opportunities you can pursue with a Masters of Education that do not require prior teaching experience. If your end goal is to become a school teacher or college instructor with a Master’s degree, it is often required or highly desired to have teaching experience as well. You definitely do not have to teach first before pursuing a Masters in Education. To help you better decide on which direction you should take in your pursuit of a Masters in Education, look at the descriptions below of careers that require teaching experience and those that do not.

Public School Teacher:

If you are interested in teaching at a public school, sometimes it is advantageous to first get your Masters in Education because starting pay rates are significantly higher than those starting with only a Bachelor’s degree. The difference in pay rate ranges between $3000 and $5,000 annually. If school districts are tight on budgets they may not want to hire Master’s level teacher who cost the district more and lack teaching experience.

Private School Teacher:

Private schools have a vested interest in hiring teachers holding a Masters in Education or Education MBA because parents are more likely to enroll students in private programs with master degree level teachers. Quality of program is often judged based on the degree level of the teaching staff. Private schools will hire teachers with a Master’s degree with or without teaching experience.

College Instructor:

It is a great time to teach as an Adjunct, part-time instructor at the college level with a Masters in Education. Universities are hiring more adjunct professors than full time professors due to budget constraints. Teaching experience is favored, but not required. You can make a comfortable living teaching part-time at more than one college at a time. There is a high demand for online adjunct teachers with a Masters in Education. You will find specific job postings and employment opportunities for full-time and adjunct professors at and

Corporate Trainer:

Many corporations are interested in hiring people outside the company with a Masters in Education or Education MBA with or without teaching experience to train and motivate their employees. Being a corporate trainer can be a lucrative career as you can be contracted to work for multiple corporations at once.

There are two types of Masters in Education programs to choose from: Masters in Education (M.Ed) or Masters of Art in Teaching (MAT). People switching over from different degrees such as business or psychology often choose a MAT program that allows them to obtain a Masters in Education and begin teaching. Masters of Education (M.Ed) programs involve research and often require passing a comprehensive exam. The advantage of getting your Masters in Education or Education MBA is that you can pursue a wide variety of careers throughout your lifetime that do or do not require teaching experience.


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