Do I Need A Master’s Degree to Become a School Principal?

Have you always wanted to become a school principal but you don’t really know whether or not you have the qualifications? Maybe you’ve heard from your colleagues that you need a Master’s degree to become a principal. Perhaps you have a few colleagues that became principals after years of experience as teachers. Therefore, what are the exact educational and experience qualifications needed to become a school principal? In actuality, depending upon how much experience you have as a teacher and the certifications you have you might not have to get a Masters degree. On the other hand, a Masters degree might give you an edge as a potential school principal candidate because it will distinguish you as prepared for a career in an educational management position.

How Can I Become a School Principal Without A Master’s Degree

In order to become a school principal without a Master’s degree, you must have at least five years of teaching experience. You will also need a valid teaching certificate and administration certification. In order to receive administration certification, you will need to take additional coursework and professional development workshops. For more information, please visit Masters of Arts in Teaching

The Difference Between Receiving a Master’s Degree and Applying for School Principal Jobs Based on Experience

The only difference between applying for a school principal position using your 5+ years of teaching experience and your certifications or obtaining a Master’s degree is a post-graduate degree versus certifications, experience and a Bachelors degree. For example, if you have 5+ years of teaching experience, a bachelor’s degree, and teaching certificate, you need the administration certification to prove that you can handle working as a school principal, which is considered an upper-level management position. With a Master’s degree either with or without experience, demonstrates that you have the expertise and training in upper-level management in the education sector. Therefore, with a master’s degree, you would not need additional certification or necessarily experience to obtain a position as a school principal.

Why A Master’s Degree May Give You An Edge in Applying for School Principal Jobs?

As mentioned earlier, a Master’s degree says to potential employers that you have the training and expertise to work in an upper-level educational sector management position like that of a principal. The degree itself acts as certification towards your qualifications to become a principal, in contrast to the experience and certification route, or experience, bachelors degree and certification route. In order to make your Master’s degree enhance your candidacy for a school principal position, consider receiving your degree in education or a related field. An example of Master’s degrees that have been successful in helping candidates get upper-level management positions in the education sector, like a school principal position, include Education Administration, Education Leadership, Curriculum Instruction and Development, and Organizational Leadership. However, a Master’s degree in Education or a related field should help you qualify for a school principal position. For more information on programs and Masters degree offerings to help you become a school principal, please visit Degree Directory’s website.  Another resource to get you started could be to look at the Top Best Master Degree programs.