How Can You Get a Job in Curriculum Development?

Curriculum DevelopmentFor education professionals who have an interest in creating the learning environments and materials for all ages, a job in curriculum development can be rewarding and satisfying. Getting started in a career in the curriculum development field requires the right combination of skills, traits, education, experience, and training.

An Educational Background for Curriculum Development Careers

In order to begin gaining the qualifications required for most positions in curriculum development, future professionals will need to complete a bachelor’s degree. Degree options include everything from education to information technology to human resources. Much of the determination for which undergraduate degree to pursue should focus on what area of curriculum development will be pursued.

For most positions, particularly in education, a minimum of a master’s degree will be required. Course work often includes technology and learning, human learning and development, design of instruction, child development and technology-based learning, diversification of learning materials, and integrated learning. Curriculum development professionals might also opt to complete a doctorate level degree; this is sometimes required for upper level positions, particularly at educational institutions.

Specializations in Curriculum Development

Graduate programs in curriculum development also often include opportunities to focus courses on a specific area of the field. For example, a common specialization in curriculum development is the instructional technology concentration, which emphasizes the use of various media, software, and technological devices for delivering educational materials. Other specializations include primary or secondary education, special education, multicultural studies, adult learning, reading and literacy, and STEM. Additional information on specializations can be found at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development website.

Options for Curriculum Development Positions

There are a number of industry and organization options that professionals interested in finding a job in curriculum development can consider. Curriculum developers can find positions in educational institutions, government agencies, research organizations, and corporate businesses. Careers include curriculum designer, online course developer, corporate trainer, learning and technology services coordinator, and director of curriculum development.

Many of the requirements for candidates pursuing a job in curriculum development will depend on what industry or organization a candidate is interested in. In addition to a degree, employers might also require additional certifications or experience working in the field. For example, when pursuing a position to develop curriculum for a special education program, a school district might require candidates to have classroom teaching experience. Corporations, however, might prefer for candidates to have previous experience in management, human resources, or training.

Skills and Traits for Curriculum Development

Completing a graduate degree and gaining experience in training, teaching, or educational leadership also help future professionals develop the skills needed for pursuing a job in curriculum development. These skills include critical analysis, creative analysis, researching, organization, verbal and written communication, teamwork, listening, time management, and project management.

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The development of everything from preschool programs to corporate training requires qualified professionals. From designing online courses for business professionals to complete certifications to creating developmental programs for special needs children, a job in curriculum development offers professionals many options for finding a challenging and rewarding career.