How Long Does It Take To Earn a Master’s in Education?

Master's in EducationHow long does it take to earn a Master’s in Education? This is a common question that prospective teachers and experienced teachers who want to advance their career opportunities might ask. If you are already working in the field of education, having a master’s degree can help you increase your salary and get a promotion that you may have never been qualified for with an undergraduate degree. If you are not yet certified, choosing to earn your master’s first can help you compete against all of the experienced teachers who want the same position as you. One of the things you must do is understand how long you will attend school to earn your master’s.

What Type of Degree Do You Want to Earn?

There are several different types of master’s degrees that you can earn in education. The type of degree you would like to earn may or may not affect the degree earning timeline. It is important to know what degree you want to earn before you start applying to programs. Some of your choices include a: Master of Teaching, Master of Arts in Education, or a Master of Science in Education. MAT programs are ideal for students who have not yet earned their certification. These programs include the hands-on professional teaching semester that is required to earn your license. A MA or an MS in Education is best for students who are pursuing other types of fields in education like counseling, research, or administration. If you are trying to advance from teaching to one of these fields, a M.Ed may be ideal. These programs take longer than the average MAT program to complete.

Timeline to Complete Programs

The timeline to complete a master’s degree program will depend entirely on your current enrollment status, the school you attend, and whether or not you can continue to work as a full-time student. Most master’s degree programs require you to complete 30 to 36 credits, but some do not require as many credits as others. An MAT program may have a lower credit requirement, which can be completed within 12 and 14 months if you are enrolled as a full-time student. A Master of Science or Arts in Education is more likely to take two to three years to complete if you already possess a bachelor’s and you are studying full-time. Programs that offer you the opportunity to study during summer sessions can actually be completed in a shorter amount of time. This is why it is so important to compare the types of programs that you can take, including part-time, full-time and accelerated, before you make any final decisions.

Taking a program online may shorten the timeline to earn your master’s if you are able to complete coursework quickly. Be sure that you choose an accredited program that has a good reputation before you rely solely on a short timeline. Some programs can be completely in as little as a year, according to Concordia University.

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You also need to consider what you can do with a Master’s in Education, before you commit the time and the money to studying for 2 to 4 additional years. Now that you know how long it will take to get a Master’s in Education, you can decide which degree path is best for your needed.