What are the Advantages to Pursuing an Educational Leadership Degree Online?

The advantages of pursuing an educational leadership degree online are many. Teachers and other education professionals turn to this format in order to gain additional qualifications or training for current positions. With an educational leadership degree, educators fill various positions in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions.

Online Degree in Educational Leadership Snapshot

Educational leadership programs are typically offered at the graduate level, designed for professionals currently in the field of education. Many programs require prospective students to hold a valid teaching certificate in their respective states, and some graduate schools also require a minimum number of years of work experience to qualify for master’s degree candidacy.

The curriculum in online education leadership programs prepares graduates for positions such as lead teacher, principal, dean of students, and school superintendent at all levels of education. Students complete course work in preparation for school management of financing, professional development, staff management, and community engagement. Examples of classes include trends in education, topics in multicultural education, curriculum development, classroom management, community relations in education, educational law, and technology and the delivery of education.

Changes in Delivering Education

Courses such as technology and the delivery of education represent one of the advantages to completing an educational leadership degree online. Online classes have become quite popular and have seen steady growth. The increase in the number of online students at the collegiate level from 2003 to 2012, for instance, can be found at the National Center for Education Statistics.

As more and more students at the collegiate level enroll in online programs and as an increasing number of parents enroll students in elementary and secondary online programs, having the experience as an online student is beneficial for developing curriculum, managing technology, and understanding the unique needs of the online student.

Asynchronous Learning

Another advantage to earning an educational leadership degree online is asynchronous learning in which courses are not delivered in real-time. Instead, students are able to complete course work, review lectures and other materials, and participate in discussions at their own pace. Flexibility in scheduling is another advantage to the asynchronous component of this delivery method. This is particularly helpful for students who continue to work full-time while completing their degrees.

The diversity present in online classes is also a benefit to completing a degree in educational leadership online. Because educators must be prepared to work with diverse students populations, collaborating with other students from different backgrounds, regions, and previous work positions can better enable a graduate to lead in schools.


In many of the educational leadership online degree programs, students are able to save on tuition because they are not attending classes on campus. Most institutions offer in-state tuition options for online students, as well as a reduction or waiver of activity-based and facility-based fees in the tuition structure. Students are also able to save in costs for things like books, with many texts being delivered digitally, and other incidentals such as gas and vehicle mileage.

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The advantages of pursuing an educational leadership degree online combine to create the opportunity for future school administrators to prepare to lead teachers, staff, and students through advanced course work, while continuing to gain valuable work experience at the same time. Overall, educational leadership graduates build the skills and expertise needed to help elementary, secondary, and post-secondary students prepare for their future.