What is an Instructional Coach in Education?

Instructional CoachAn instructional coach in education is not only an asset in the classroom, but is someone who is also helpful throughout the educational facility. The coach’s main purpose is to help teachers evolve their classrooms into the best possible learning environments. The coach will also help principals and counselors develop methods to help students achieve higher goals, teachers perform better in the classrooms and provide more valuable information to help the school’s overall performance level rise without seeing a decline in the quality of education provided.

One on One Guidance

Instructional coaches are brought into a situation to help all of the employees in an educational facility, but they do not typically work in groups. While teaching how to implement team settings, the coaches will actually meet with each teacher individually. This one-on-one approach allows the coach and teacher to develop methods that suit each individual classroom rather than expecting all areas of study to follow the same layout and guidelines.

Emotional Release

According to Utopia, a coach’s job also includes being an emotional release for teachers, principals and counselors. As many people probably understand, being a teacher can be not only physically taxing, but it can be emotionally taxing as well. Teachers not only teach their students, but many of them develop bonds with students that are unbreakable throughout their lives. Due to this level of commitment, there are many times that a teacher will be put into a situation where he has to make tough decisions based on grades and behavior alone. Since there are so many ways that one can become emotionally involved with their students, a coach is someone who will lend an ear when the going gets tough and the tough gets going.

Overall Change

Education systems need to grow and evolve as does everything else and instructional coaches are typically the leading player when it comes to deciding which systems will stay and which systems will go. By understanding the overall system of the schools, the teachers and the students, the coach is able to see the big picture. By seeing the big picture, he can implement change where change is needed. A good coach can also show other members and players what the big picture looks like, and those people are then able to explore ways for the facility to evolve as well.

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An instructional coach in education is a roll that educational facilities truly value. The coach is able to provide insight and perspectives to those who cannot and do not always see the big picture. The coach will be a listening ear, a teammate and he will help the facility develop into something better than it was before. While there are still many facets of educational coaching yet to be explored, studies have shown that coaching is not only helpful to teachers and principals, but students also gain from them. When an educational environment is evolved to the best environment that it can be, students are typically more eager and willing to participate in educational activities.