Masters in Educational Leadership

Masters in Educational LeadershipA Masters in Educational Leadership degree is beneficial for students who wish to improve their teaching abilities in the classroom, desire to follow an administrative path, or hone their leadership skills. Students are challenged to apply what they learn during the program into their own school. Many programs can be completed within two years.

Examples of course topics of the degree include educational administration, professional development and leadership, school law, school finance, human resources administration in education, student affairs, and strategic and organizational planning. Some programs incorporate a cohort model where students progress through the program as a group to build a strong community of learners. Many programs require internships and research tasks to help students gain real-world experience and strengthen their management, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

After the completion of a Masters in Educational Leadership, graduates are commonly prepare to take a Praxis Series examination to gain licensure at various levels. Individuals who graduate with a Masters in Educational Leadership degree are qualified for a variety of instructional and administrative positions at the elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary education levels. The degree provides educators with the flexibility to follow a variety of career paths.

How To Find The Top Masters in Educational Leadership Programs

When looking for the best Masters in Educational Leadership degree programs it is crucial to make sure all considerations are accredited at either the regional or national level. Accreditation means that a school has undergone evaluation and meets specific standards for offering high quality education. When comparing and contrasting schools, ranking is another helpful factor and various authoritative organizations rank post-secondary institutions based on many different factors. Selecting a school that offers a lot of financial aid options, hands-on learning experiences, and online courses is also important.

Examples of the best schools that offer Masters in Educational Leadership programs include Columbia University and The Pennsylvania State University. Columbia University strives to prepare students for considerate and strategic leadership in various educational settings. The Klingenstein Private School Leadership Program is tailored to the requirements of private school professionals and it is offered in an intensive year long format or a concentrated program over the course of two summers. The Summer Principals Academy program is intended for aspiring principals and leads to initial administrator certification. It involves intensive study over two summers and includes an internship experience. The program at The Pennsylvania State University is intended for students who wish to exercise leadership roles in educational policy or complete educational leadership research. The program leads to principal certification. In addition to the great campus-based options, the University of Cincinnati offers one of the best online Masters in Educational Leadership degree programs.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Educational Leadership Degrees

Individuals who graduate with a Masters in Educational Leadership degree have a wide variety of career opportunities. Examples of Masters in Educational Leadership careers include principal, school administrator, and college provost.

Principals are responsible for the overall operations of a specific school and they review educational objectives, assess learning materials, incorporate professional development programs, and communicate with school board administrators and the community. School administrators enforce educational standards, set policies and procedures, and make sure educators stay up-to-date with changes in educational practices. College provosts develop academic policies and programs for post-secondary institutions and direct the activities of deans of individual schools of education.

Masters in Educational Leadership salaries will vary greatly on location, employer, experience, and benefits. The median annual salary for principals is $94,000; school administrators $76,000; and college provosts $133,000. A Masters in Educational Leadership is ideal for those who seek to further their career in the education field and make a bigger impact on their institution and community.

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