Masters in Education Technology

Masters in Education TechnologyA Masters in Education Technology is designed to teach individuals how innovative educational technologies can be utilized in the classroom to facilitate interactive learning and to increase the desire of students of all ages to learn. Individuals pursuing a masters degree in education technology will learn how to successfully integrate a wide variety of technological resources (e.g., the Internet and digital videos) in increasingly digital classrooms to foster a competitive and engaging learning environment for students. A masters degree in education technology is ideal for either those looking to begin their career in the highly competitive education field or those looking to earn an advanced degree to better prepare them for enhancing current curriculum and getting students more involved and excited in the process of learning. Throughout the course of this degree program, students will learn current theories on education and how to incorporate emerging technologies to make learning fun and get students to be enthusiastic about learning in any education environment.

How To Find The Top Masters in Education Technology Programs

Making the decision to earn an advanced degree in education technology is the easy part. The tough part is determining which of the best Masters in Education Technology degree programs suits your individual needs. In today’s increasingly busy society, many individuals looking to earn an advanced degree are turning to online universities. Some of the best online Masters in Education Technology degree programs offer students the ability to have flexible schedules with courses that can be taken remotely from anywhere they have access to a computer and the Internet. Conversely, some students still prefer a traditional on-campus learning experience. Regardless of whether you choose to attend an online or on-campus university, it is important to make sure that your degree comes from a high-ranking and accredited institution.

Michigan State University offers an exceptional Master of Arts in Education Technology program taught by professional educators with real-world experience in the education field. In order to accommodate students with a variety of scheduling needs, Michigan State University allows students to choose an online-only course schedule, overseas study or an accelerated summer cohort program. Penn State World Campus offers a Master of Education in Instructional Systems – Educational Technology program that is very highly ranked according to U.S. News & World Report. Students who attend this program will learning how to successfully integrate technological resources into current curriculum to optimally benefit students and increase their learning potential through hands-on study in real classrooms.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Education Technology Degrees

Earning a Masters in Education Technology will prepare individuals for careers as quality educators in a wide variety of academic settings. Some of the most popular Masters in Education Technology careers include instructional coordinators, curriculum integration specialists, instructional design, adult education, K-12 educators, and curriculum and instruction administration.

Instructional coordinators are in charge of working with teachers and administrators to effective integrate technology into current curricula while ensuring that the highest level of education is being provided to all students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, instructional coordinators earned an average annual salary of $58,830 per year in 2010. The profession is projected to experience a 20% increase in career opportunities by the year 2020.

Masters in Education Technology salaries for K-12 teachers will vary slightly based upon the grade level being taught and the individual teacher’s level of experience. In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the average annual salary for K-12 teachers ranges from $51,380-$53,230. Between 2010 and 2020, the estimated career growth for kindergarten through middle school teachers is an average rate of 17%. High school teachers are projected to have a slower growth in career opportunities with an increase of only 7% by 2020.

Regardless of which institution you choose to obtain your Master of Education Technology degree from, the need for quality, compassionate educators is constantly increasing as the demand to keep up with changing technologies and different educational needs is on the rise.

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